Women Fund Tanzania Trust, funds multiple women’s rights initiatives in a variety of contexts, including building democratic coalitions and promoting women’s rights based advocacy initiatives at the local levels. Within this context, the organization key thematic areas for funding in 2022 are:

  • Violence against women, girls, and children:

    With a focus on addressing sexual corruption/sextortion, Femicide (killing of women and girls based on gender), Online Gender-Based violence (Cyber Bullying), mental health related violence on women, girls, children and other marginalized social groups and those affected by constraining cultural violence and discourses in rural and urban communities. This also includes educational justice and rights - disrupting cultural and institutional inequalities that prevent girls from equal and full participation in education including rape culture, teen pregnancies, child marriage, and initiatives to support girl’s re-entry into formal school systems.

  • Women’s Political Participation and Leadership:

    addressing existing and emerging issues that prevent women and girls to fully participate in electoral cycle(s) processes including challenging systems and structures that prevent women and girls from entering and staying in leadership positions in their communities, corporates, and other public spaces of service.

  • Environmental justice and gender:

    Addressing policies, laws, and cultural challenges facing women and young girls in exercising their voice and agency, including addressing adverse effects of environmental degradation with a particular focus on climate change and land rights for women, girls and other social marginalized populations.

  • Feminist Research and Documenting:

    Using feminist lenses to strengthen feminist research, on current and relevant areas of interest such as women peace and security women’s role in preventing conflict and participating is peace making processes, document and capture women’s lived realities in the form of literature, pictures and videos; questioning the existing gender inequalities and systems of oppression. Through documenting and publicizing these lived experiences amplify women’s voices in critical spaces. (Applicants can focus on sub themes such as improving visibility and popularizing women and girls’ contributions through Herstories to change discourses, innovative use of multimedia platforms and tools, animation and community radio programming).

  • Sports, popular art, and culture:

    Challenging gender based exclusionary and exploitative practices, biases including degrading language for transforming policies, laws, social norms in sports, popular art, culture and related others.

  • Promotion of Reproductive Health Rights:

    Applications are open for interventions that promote rights based and feminist focused approaches that address reproductive rights and for social movement(s) building that enhance the capacity of key actors to advocate for issues denying women and adolescent girls’ access to relevant and gender sensitive information, reproductive health rights including but not limited to services, informed decision making, agency, participation and enabling them to implement strategies to enhance access to marginalized groups including disability and select others.

  • Movement Building and Strengthening:

    Interventions that promote growth and deepening of feminist based movements which adopts intersectional, intergenerational and inclusive approaches in accelerating transformative and feminist changes within the women’s and girls’ movement(s), and between these movements and other social movements including those working on advancing disability rights, children’s rights, reproductive health rights, migrant rights, gender rights for minority groups, and environmental justice for collective interventions and actions towards advancing feminist outcomes in transforming negative cultural attitudes, social norms, and public discourses as well as policy and legal frameworks which perpetuates these ills at different levels.