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Website Design and Development - WFT Trust’s Website

Location: Dar Es Salaam | Expected Start Date: As soon as possible | Application deadline: 10th November 2021

Women Fund Tanzania -Trust

The Registered Trustees of Women Fund Tanzania (WFT Trust) is the first national feminist Women’s Fund in the country and the only funding mechanism dedicated to resourcing women’s and children’s rights organizations, groups, and movements. WFT Trust fulfills its vision and mission through a two-pronged approach: grantmaking, focusing on the local level, and promoting strategic alliance building at the national level through coalitions. This mutually reinforcing strategy strengthens the collective organizing power of feminist movements and ensures that they are inter-sectional, intergenerational, and inclusive leaving no woman, girl, or child behind.


WFT Trust’s significant growth over the past few years has created a demand for the increased visibility and further promotion of its work; improved communication of its impact, and most importantly for better engagement with its stakeholders including grantee partners, women’s funds, donors, development partners, and the general public. Therefore, the website’s redesign has the following objectives:

  • Reinforce WFT Trust’s credibility and legitimacy as a women’s fund.
  • Profile WFT Trust as a thought leader and major proponent of decolonized funding.
  • Increase the visibility of its grantee partners’ compelling work.
  • Communicate the impact of myth-breaking innovations led by women and girls and highlight multiple ways to get involved in our work.
  • Keep Coalition members, donor community, and the general public up to date with WFT Trust events.
  • Encourage active interaction and collaboration between WFT Trust, grantee partners, sister funds, development partners, and other stakeholders.
  • Inform Users on the groundbreaking power of Women’s Funds and Feminist Philanthropy.

How to apply

Interested consultants should submit their expression of interest and proposals by 10th November 2021 to with the subject line: Website Design and Development - WFT Trust Website.

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