Current Job Openings


Location: Dar Es Salaam | Expected Start Date: As soon as possible | Application deadline: 30th September 2019


Women Fund Tanzania - “Empowering Local Women Heroes” (WFT) is a registered Trust based in Dar Es Salaam. WFT works towards promotion of women’s rights and gender equality agenda through grant making, capacity enhancement, resource mobilization, strategic alliance building for collective organizing, voice and strengthened women’s movement in the country. Its vision is to see a Tanzanian society where women and girls and children realize their full potential and engage fully in the transformation of their communities in order to achieve empowerment and social justice and its mission is to contribute to the building of a strong women’s and children’s movement in Tanzania.

We are looking for a dynamic, passionate, and innovative individual with the requisite knowledge, experience and skills to join our pragmatic team at WFT.

The incumbent will be expected to:

1.Management and Operations

i. Administer everyday functions for organization and coordinate with executive director to prepare all long-term strategies to achieve all institutional goals and evaluate performance of various team functions and responsibilities.

ii. Manage all internal communication for organization in coordination with Executive Director according to necessary time frame.

iii. Support the Head of Finance to monitor and assess the Fund’s financial activities according to existing policies, review financial trends and make inputs into program grants and financial contracts.

iv. Collaborate with the Head of Programs and the team to review program goals and objectives and evaluate progress and effectiveness; provide support to achieve all project deliverables within required time frame and prepare all work plans and grant deliverables as per requirement.

v. Support the development of strong team integration to achieve all conversation objectives and coordinate with various departments to schedule all agenda for meetings and ensure compliance to all contract deliverables within required time frame and maintain quality for all procedures.

vi. Develop and maintain knowledge on all philanthropic institutions and manage all communication with public and donors on various programs.

2.Business Development and Sustainability

i. Review and regularly updates a comprehensive organizational development and sustainability plan, with targeted goals, objectives, methods, quantifiable outcomes and timelines to achieve agency sustainability and annual budget goals.

ii. In collaboration with the Head of Programs, develops program sustainability strategies to ensure financial viability of programs and services.

iii. Identifies resourcing opportunities with different stakeholders within the country and diaspora that can be engaged to mobilized new resources to support the women’s movement in Tanzania.

iv. Builds partnerships and strategic alliances that will extend the organization’s brand in the Tanzania and beyond its borders and increase avenues of support the Fund and the movement’s it supports.

v. Provides oversight for all aspects of the Fund’s business development and resource mobilization functions, including:proposal writing, events, marketing/development,media relations, social networking, Annual Report, website, newsletters and branding.

vi. Supervise and manage personnel working in the resource mobilization and communications teams and serve as a member of the senior management team.

vii. Collaborates with staff, Board of Directors, partners, vendors and other staff to carry out the mission and goals of our organization.

viii. Stays abreast of developments in the field of philanthropy (including feminist philanthropy, impact investments, development aid), women and girl’s human rights, movement building and organizational development nationally regionally and globally to help guide our Fund’s core mission and strategy.

Qualification and Experience

Well-qualified candidates should possess 5-7 years’ experience with a minimum of a master’s degree in development studies, business development, and women’s rights issues as well as non-profit leadership with fundraising and philanthropy experience. Other experience includes, but is not limited to, public relations, prospecting, business development and negotiation. Persuasive writing, strong verbal communication and the ability to interact at the executive level are other key qualifications. Demonstrated track record with technical skills set in operations and fiscal management;strategic thinking and implementation; staff supervision, performance accountability and mentoring; and strong executive leadership and planning skills.

Personal Characteristics and Traits

i. Adaptability: Attitude of optimism and “can-do” orientation with ability to think creatively and navigate successfully past barriers and obstacles.

ii. Initiative: Highly self-motivated and adaptable with the drive to self-improve and exceed goals.

iii. Persuasion: Ability to present concepts, ideas and proposals in a manner that is perceived positively by and clearly resonates with intended audiences and stakeholders, while encouraging action.

iv. Professionalism: Ability to project a mature and professional attitude, demeanor and appearance as is appropriate to a given situation.

v. Relationship Management: Instinctive motivation and ability to develop, nurture and balance positive professional relationships and connections with key stakeholders, including situations in which stakeholders may be competitors with each other or otherwise have unaligned interests.

vi. Sense of Urgency: Ability to prioritize, plan and move decisively when necessary to meet time frames and instill in others the importance of anticipating and acting to avoid timing crises.

vii. Big Picture Thinking: Ability to see future trends and pathways that can contribute to long-term organizational success.

How to apply

The interested part may apply by sending resume and cover letter through the email or the physical address provided below by 30th September 2019. If you won’t hear from us within forteen days from the deadline please count that, your application has not been successful.

Kindly provide names of 2 reliable referees

Those in envelopes should be addressed to:
The Executive Director,
Women Fund Tanzania (WFT),
P. O. Box 79235,
Dar es Salaam.