July 12, 2017


As part of its efforts towards addressing the challenges faced by women and girls in rural areas, Women Fund Tanzania funded in 2015 a local based women initiative through CEWOD (Women Centre for Communication and Development) to run a program titled “Fostering Inclusiveness of Grassroots Women in the Electoral process”.
June 12, 2017


WAJIKI received a grant of Tsh 7,000,000 from Women Fund Tanzania which assisted them to organize a series of workshops to raise awareness of men and women including officials from the nearby police gender desk, and street leaders in the surrounding communities of Mwananyamala.
August 10, 2016

WHAT IS SEXTORTION? (A brief intro…)

Sextortion is not a commonly known expression. It is a fairly new terminology used to describe a conduct which is not only sexually abusive, but also […]