February 12, 2016
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  • Through our collected efforts we have 6 members from the coalition in the Constitutional assembly (CA) to raise the women’s rights issues. We have had two workshops with the parliamentarians/CAs in Dar es Salaam and Dodoma in collaboration with ULINGO to educate, raise debates and influence the constitution writing on a gender perspective.
  • Through consultants we have produced analysis on the 1st and 2nd drafts of the constitution from a gender perspective and best practices from other jurisdictions with progressive constitutions. The coalition has been able to gain clarity on the various issues through various learning sessions.
  • The Coalition’s technical committees have produced fact sheets on various rights for the CA’s to use as arguments.
  • Intervene through the media in various TV and radio programs we have so far had about 10 tc spaces since the year begun and various new papers articles and social media press release.
  • Created spaces for dialogues on sensitive issues such as abortion/reproductive rights.
  • The coalition is organizing a national convening in Dodoma during the CA to have a shadow CA with rural women to hence their understanding of the process and women rights issues.
  • Currently we are strategizing on how best we could utilize this few months to utilize the available spaces for enhanced advocacy,  unify our voices as women on women constitutional right.