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The Coalition of Women and the Constitution in Tanzania constitutes more than 65 Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) fighting for the rights of women, which joined the movement in order to influence the process of writing a new Constitution in Tanzania. The context for the formation of this Coalition was based on the historical background of the struggles of women in our country from diverse backgrounds; different age groups (old and young); residing in rural and urban settings; with different political orientations; from different social classes; as well as women with different types of disability.This is their journey...

Download the full HER-STORY BOOK here: English version or Swahili version

Vice President Samia Suluhu's visit - 2016

On 11th October the Wanawake na Katiba secretariat paid a courtesy call to Tanzania's 1st female Vice President Hon. Samia Suluhu and held talks on various issues but specifically on issues faced by women and the girl child in Tanzania. During this visit, the secretariat presented a position paper to the vice president.

Read the position paper here: Talking points on meeting with Tanzanian Vice President Hon. Samia Suuhu

WFT SP 2016-2020 [FINAL]

Strategic plan 2016-2020

In collaboration with our dynamic network of national women's rights organizations, local grantees, international women’s funds, and with your support, we hope to be a model of social justice and social change. And we hope that in this second WFT Strategic Plan 2016 - 2020, we can share with you some of our hopes and dreams for the future we see ahead of us.

Download the PDF: Full version or Summary version

Women's Manifesto 2015

The overall goal of this Manifesto is to provide a unified voice of women and the various marginalized groups particularly women with disabilities, demanding effective, and equal participation in this year’s election. In specific the manifesto aims to:

Read the Manifesto here: English version or Swahili version

Misingi ya Usawa wa Jinsia Katika Katiba Pendekezwa-01

Jedwali - 2015

Kwa nini kuwepo na dai la misingi ya usawa wa jinsia katika katiba?

Uwepo wa dai la misingi imara ya usawa wa jinsia katika Katiba Mpya, inatokana na ukweli kwamba historia ya mapambano dhidi ya mifumo kandamizi, wanawake wamekuwa wakishiriki bega kwa bega na wanaume. Hata hivyo mara zote, ushindi unapopatikana, wanawake wamekuwa wakisukumwa pembezoni kwa madai kwamba hawana uwezo wa kushika hatamu za utawala.

Soma Jedwali lote hapa: Misingi ya Usawa wa Jinsia Katika Katiba Pendekezwa

Jedwali - 2014

Mapendekezo ya Mtandao wa Wanawake na katiba Tanzania kuhusu jinsi ya kuingiza masuala ya usawa wa jinsia katika rasimu ya pili ya katiba ya Tanzania

Madhumuni ya Jedwali hili ni kuwawezesha Wabunge (wanawake kwa wanaume) katika Bunge Maalum la Katiba, na wanaharakati wa jinsia na haki za wanawake kuimarisha hoja zao kuhusu utetezi wa kulinda misingi ya usawa katika Katiba Mpya.

Soma Jedwali lote hapa: Mapendekezo ya Mtandao wa Wanawake na katiba Tanzania