Special Call Rationale

As part of implementing its plans for this year WFT is announcing a Special Call with the aim of providing small scale funding to local level community initiatives with a focus on migrant adolescent girls as well as women’s rights organizations/movements working in this area for promotion of adolescent girls issues in migrant situations in Tanzania. WFT strongly believe that this small scale funding shall contribute towards transforming gender constraining and exploitative contexts under which migrant adolescent girls found themselves in different in the country. Such funding, shall also contribute significantly towards improved capacity of all reached beneficiaries, especially migrant adolescent girls as individuals or in their movements through the gained knowledge on their rights, confidence building, a capacity that is crucial in enabling them to believe in themselves and thus grow into own agencies in addressing inequalities within their surroundings and beyond.

Within this context, WFT will be accepting small grants applications for project funds between Tsh 5,000,000 -7,000,000/= for interventions that will address and contribute towards improved rights for migrant adolescent girls through:

  • Initiatives that seek to empower participatory community engagement approaches for enhancing girl’s migrant’s educational rights.
  • Initiatives that are aimed at improving capacity and empowerment levels of migrant adolescent girls and women’s movements for addressing their dis-empowering gender equality contexts in their communities in Tanzania.
  • Initiatives that seek to enhanced conceptual clarity on women rights issues of migrant adolescent girls and women rights organizations/movement/s on issues of migration, gender equality and movement building for promotion of collective agenda on issues under focus.

The following selection criteria will be taken into account:

  • Quality of the submitted Concept Note, ensuring that there is a strong link between the problem to be addressed and the strategies and measurable results anticipated
  • Relevant Institutional capacity to implement the proposed project
  • The Concept Note should reflect a multi-stakeholder participation in formulation and implementation, including those most affected such as victims of migrant situations, including sexual violence/corruption or those affected by economic poverty in different ways
  • The Concept Note should reflect efforts towards building partnerships between women’s rights organisations in the selected communities under focus with the purpose of forming/strengthening functional networks and coalitions for promoting women’s rights and empowerment through movements
  • Sustainability, replicability and potential to demonstrate and document models that can be taken to larger scale
  • Innovativeness of the proposed project/activities


Application for these Grants will follow a two-stage process:

  • Submission of a Concept Note (5 pages max) describing the proposed idea/initiative to be implemented Send your complete Concept Note before 15th December 2017
  • Submission should have a copy of registration and the organizational Constitution

Use our Concept Note format as published on WFT’s website: http://wft.or.tz/grants/apply-for-a-grant/ The Concept Note format can also be sent to you by e-mail upon request or it can be picked up from WFT’s office during office hours.

Please, send your complete Concept Note before 5th December 2017 by email to: grants@wft.or.tz or through postage to: WFT, P.O.Box 79235, Dar es Salaam. You can also deliver physically to the WFT offices at: 659 Mikoroshini Street (Msasani), Dar es Salaam

Please Note the Following:

  • Only complete Concept Notes will be considered; other documents will not be considered at this stage
  • Only short-listed applicants will be contacted
  • If you have not been contacted by the 31thJanuary 2018 your application has not been considered this time

The eligible activities for WFT funded projects will be prepared by the Secretariat, and reviewed and approved by the Selection Committee, while the Board of directors is informed on the emerging trends and results. The eligible activity may vary from time to time. The procedure on how to prepare the eligible activities is narrated in a step-by-step competitive grant making procedure. To find out more Read the GRANT MAKING GUIDELINES

A CALL FOR PROPOSALS is issued and grant proposals are accepted only during scheduled application periods: we do not accept unsolicited proposals outside of this time. Requests for proposals will be posted on the site at the following times: